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Our Mission is to keep all Beasley French machines running at peak performance with the minimum of down time, and to provide the best service possible to our customers.   

About Beasley French

We are located in Franklin Park, Illinois, USA. We make many parts in-house and have a network of skilled suppliers, both local and international, who are able to supply parts at short notice with excellent quality. Whenever possible and appropriate we refer to the original Beasley French parts lists and blueprints. We ship worldwide via UPS and keep many common items in stock for immediate shipment.

The History of Beasley French

Beasley French & Co Ltd was formed in Bristol, England in 1934. An American subsidiary, Beasley French & Co Inc., was formed in New York in 1950.

In 1967 Beasley French became a subsidiary of global conglomerate DRG, and in 1969 its American subsidiary was moved to Chicago.  

In 1985 DRG made Beasley French a division of Strachan Henshaw Machinery, another DRG subsidiary. Beasley French & Co Inc became Strachan Henshaw Machinery Inc and continued to supply Beasley French items in addition to Strachan Henshaw products.

In 1989, DRG was taken over by Pembridge Investments.  While most divisions were sold, Strachan Henshaw (and therefore Beasley French) was not, and business continued as usual until Strachan Henshaw declared Bankruptcy in 2000.

Both US and UK divisions of Beasley French, including all files, drawings, and intellectual property, were purchased during the Strachan Henshaw bankruptcy and are now run as Beasley French & Co.

Jim Askham, the president of Beasley French & Co., has been involved in the manufacture and supply of Beasley French parts for over 50 years.  Over the years he has accumulated a substantial knowledge of Beasley French machines.
Beasley French & Co. is a family owned and operated business. Jim's sons Doug and Kevin are both heavily involved in the business and have accumulated years of experience supplying and manufacturing Beasley French parts.

Beasley French & Co.
Phone: (847) 233-0330    Fax: (847) 233-0490
Email: BeasleyFrench@BeasleyFrench.net
10119 Pacific Ave.
Franklin Park, IL 60131 USA